Art Wheels: 30 years expertise in restoring Fuchs wheels ®

Our company is located in France next to the German border. We restore Fuchs rims using the same process as originaly performed by the factory.
Located in the workshop of Art Restoration Garage, we took over our German subcontractor, Firma Karl Heinz Keller. We moved the equipment and invested in new facilities to achieve even better quality. Therefore, we benefit of 30 years of expertises and improved production capacity. To learn more, click here and visit the Fuchs ® rims restoration page.

We restore all types of Fuchs rims. We bring them back to their original appearance or customize them to client requests. Here are some examples of work done on Fuchs rims ® (see our pricelist):
- Inspection, polishing, anodizing, dip painting
- Straightening, truing